Common South American Bugs

Bugs are common creatures in every part of the world as they can survive in almost every region. There exist some differences between these creatures depending on the region you will find them. It is important to study about bugs as some of them are dangerous as they can bite you and infect you with harmful poison, some are friendly while others are even edible. To help you understand more, here are some of the most common bugs you will find in South America.

Africanized Bee
These are usually found in most parts of Southern America where they usually move in swarms. The Africanized bee is usually just like the regular bee that makes honey. They migrate looking for new beehives to settle down. They don’t usually attack unless provoked or feel that their bee hive is threatened. It is always good to avoid near the place where you find these bees as their sting is very painful.

Mosquitoes are common bugs found in most parts of South America but due to the tropical climate in the South, you will find different types of mosquitoes which breed at a higher rate due to favorable climate. It is a tiny bug that can transmit killer diseases such as Malaria, various types of encephalitis and some of them transmit heartworms to domestic animals like cat and dogs which cause serious health issues to the animal.
Red Fire Ants
The Red Fire Ants are found in almost every part of Southern America, they can sting very painfully and is robust in this region. It can be found almost in every place including playgrounds, fields, golf courses and playgrounds where you can sit down and get stung anytime. It is very common in areas around homes where they come from underground and can come from the floor of your house and even damage wooden houses where they can eat the wood from the inside.

Wasps are also common bugs found in the region but are usually thinner than the honeybees. The best thing is that they don’t lose their sting and this is why they can sting every victim repeatedly they find on the way. They often have a shiny body just like the honeybee and can attack a huge plantation and destroy hectares of plantations whenever they are on the season.

The Scorpion
The scorpions are crab-like creatures that make their way out usually in the night. They usually dwell in dry climates mostly in the desert regions. If the scorpion bites you, then you are about to experience the pain you have never had for a long time. When hiking, you should watch out places where you sleep as they can crawl to your blankets and make that painful bite which consists dangerous venom. It is always better to keep your shoes, towels, and blankets indoors so that you can be sure you are safe.

The Ticks
Tick is another popular type of bug found in this region. It is a tiny creature that mostly dwells on grass and attaches to any animal including human beings when sitting in the infested areas. They attach to the skin where they start sucking blood. Therefore it is very important that you thoroughly check your clothes for ticks to avoid taking them indoors.
As you can see, these are some of the bugs you can find in the South American region. The next time you visit the region be sure to check out on these bugs to prevent attacks as some of them are dangerous.




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