Edible Bugs

There are many kinds of bugs that are present in the world which is differentiated on the basis of edible bugs and inedible bugs. The edible bugs are considered as the normal food staple in a majority of countries across the globe where people prefer eating these edible bugs that are also known as sustainable superfood. It is important for you to know how many species of bugs are edible? What are they as there are bugs that are tasty and nutritious as it good for the taste buds. Bugs are also an excellent alternative to the livestock as it helps in offering economic, nutritional and environmental benefits. Bugs have a high amount of insect proteins and unsaturated fats that offers flavors that are good and are the best substitutes to fish and poultry. Moreover bugs are more affordable and have good amount of proteins for individuals who are unable to buy meat as bugs and insects are the best alternatives.

The most popular edible bugs include-
Beetles-  Unlike the beetles that get into and kill the trees on your property which end up needing tree removal the beetles are consumed by a majority of people in Africa, Amazon and temperate and tropical regions of the globe as it is found easily in the trees and on the forest floor. These bugs have the highest amount of proteins as compared to any other bugs as it is beneficial for the body as it has digestible fat content.

Grasshoppers- It is very popular bugs that is considered as a delicacy in many parts of the world as expensive but has a high amount of protein. Grasshoppers are also added to some dishes for making it an excellent alternative to the other kind of meats available in the market.

Ants- The two popular kinds of ants that are consumed by people includes queen weaver and giant black ant that has delectable peppery flavor that makes it a very popular bug to consume. Ants are also used for seasoning your dishes but you should cook them first for getting the right flavors from the bugs that is known for its delicious taste.

Caterpillars- There are many individuals who love eating full grown moths and butterflies but there are many who prefer eating caterpillars as these critters can be very crunchy and tasty. These are also know to be very nutritious as it can either be deep fried or braised for enhancing its flavors as caterpillars can be eaten with tortilla and seasoned with spicy sauce. Mopane caterpillar is the most widely consumed option as it is found in woodlands which have the highest percentage of proteins and unsaturated fats.

Leeches- The slimy texture of these leeches is loved by many individuals who love to add it to their diet for a delectable taste as it is found in abundance in forest areas and woodlands. You can gather the leeches and cook or bake it according to your tastes and preferences for getting the desired tastes from this bug as leeches are known to be the best bug that is found in large quantities for a treat.




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